Touching Tips with Auntie Gayle

Touching Tips - A Heartwarming Advice Column with Auntie Gayle is an anonymous advice column on Ending HIV's website. The character Gayle was created to be a sassy, open-minded older drag queen that viewers would feel comfortable asking honest questions to. The concept is a play on the "mother" and "daughter" relationship in the drag world. 

Her style and look been inspired by Nigella Lawson and the drag performer Coco Peru. The glasses are a callback to drag cultures "reading for filth" while also very literally representing her reading the questions that are being submitted. Auntie Gayle answers a question once a month and isn't afraid to be brutally honest when needed.

Matthias is an illustrator & graphic designer currently based in Tāmaki Makaurau, Aotearoa.

Matthias © 2020
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